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Independent Media Group (IMG) is a multinational movement whose mission is to promote and protect the freedom, transparency, pluralism and independence of the press, across globe.

The Independent Media

Watch the Global Political Development in Central Asian Perspective. The Central Asia is evolving as a global leader in trade and economics. And so is becoming regional leader on Central Asian news.

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The most comprehensive Urdu News Portal being published from 45 cities in Asia/Pacific, Europe, America and Africa.

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The  International Broadcaster of United Kingdom with a global perspective, headquartered in London.

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Diplomatica is a community of influential audience of thinkers, policymakers and academics with its in-depth treatment of regional issues. covering; Geo Political Trends, Defense, Intelligence, Image Building, Climate Change and Arts

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Sinusoidal Public opinion is constantly shifting in this contemporary epoch. A leader can be on top of the world one minute, and on the bottom the next. IMP Research and Education Think Tank is harvesting the best Image Building algorithms for you.

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Do you want to learn how Independent Journalists gather and verify news for organizations having combined reach of 2.4 billion? Do you want to experience how a fast-paced, global newsroom operates? Then IMG Academy is for you.

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The Independent Theory

Healthy information environments enable everyone to make better-informed decisions, bridge divides, participate more fully in their communities, and hold power to account.

Intermediate Outcomes
Immediate Outcomes
Good Information

Communities have increased access to good information that is trusted and trustworthy, which meets their needs and which drives transparency, accountability and participation.

Information producers consistently produce high quality accurate, evidence-based, inclusive information in diverse formats.

News and information content is inaccurate and untrustworthy. Communities don’t have good

Strong Business Models

Trusted and trustworthy information sources increase their reach, engagement, brand loyalty, financial sustainability and operational security.

Information producers develop and deliver on effective business strategies.

Media outlets don’t have business strategies; audiences and advertisers don’t support local media; platforms, governments, and corporate interests dominate media markets.

Safe, Inclusive Access

Marginalized groups safely access quality information that meets their needs, they are able to participate fully in society, and they can see
themselves represented fairly and accurately in the media.

Information consumers can safely access locally-relevant information, in languages they understand, whilst information producers meet gaps in provision.

Lack of access to information on all platforms and spaces limits participation and freedom of
expression. People coming online for the first time, especially ethnic, political or religious minorities, are vulnerable to harassment, surveillance and intimidation. Lack of connectivity and uneven access to adequate bandwidth limits information access in 2G areas.

Critical Assessment

People critically engage with information, reject false and harmful information and seek out high quality, accurate information.

Information consumers know how to identify false information and are motivated to reduce its spread.

Consumers’ inability or unwillingness to distinguish between fact and falsehood leaves them vulnerable to manipulation and liable to participate in the spread and amplification of misinformation and disinformation, which in turn creates confusion, erodes trust, and damages democracy.

Accountable institutions

Governments, institutions and platforms are held accountable for protecting human rights.
Legal, regulatory and business environments support independent media and freedom of expression.

Civil society is equipped to hold power to account, promote freedom of expression and ensure human rights are upheld.

Hostile governments deliberately suppress freedom of expression in increasingly sophisticated ways, whilst technology and digital platform companies operate with little transparency or oversight. Governments and institutions are not accountable to people.

Problem statement:
In an unhealthy information environment, people are unable to make informed choices, false and hateful information divides communities, citizen participation in civic life declines and the structures for holding power to account are weakened

• Independent Media is collaborating with the best financial, technical and human resources available in planet, to achieve significant reach and operate in every setting where this work is needed.
• Media and information providers share Independent´s commitment to high quality, accurate, evidence-based, inclusive information and are open to collaboration.
• The existence of shared global norms continue to value freedom of expression and independent media.
• High quality information acts as a driver of positive change.

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