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Know Whom Your Campaign Is Reaching, Who’s Talking About You and What They’re Saying

Go deeper with IMG Media Monitoring and Analytics

See the metrics that matter and turn them into executive-ready reports

Dynamic Data
Compare performance over time to understand your campaign's effectiveness. Monitor domain authority to see how many people you are actually reaching.
Holistic View

With over 100 million data sources available, never miss a mention of your brand or topics of interest on news and social media sites and other digital channels.

Competitor Analysis

See how you’re doing relative to the competition and uncover opportunities to step up your game.

Interactive Reports

With one click, turn your Cision dashboard into sleek reports highlighting your most important metrics and KPIs that you can quickly download or share with a simple URL.

Get the Full Picture of Your Brand Reputation

Online Media Monitoring

Track your brand mentions in real-time across millions of daily breaking news stories across the world, with unlimited clips and searches.

Broadcast Monitoring

Find global TV and radio mentions with unlimited, easy searches. Edit clips to share with internal teams and highlight key viewership and sentiment metrics.

Print Monitoring

Gain insights from tens of thousands of print newspapers, magazines, paywalled content and more from local, national and international coverage.

Social Monitoring

Track your brand mentions and owned channel performance across major social channels and analyze results on the fly.

Podcast Monitoring

Use sophisticated speech-to-text technology to identify mentions from over 20,000 global podcasts in 16 languages.

Monitor. Analyze.

Go Further.

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