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Copy That Converts.


  • 3,000+ Professional copywriters for hire
  • 100% Original content written exclusively for you
  • Hire copywriters with experience in your industry


Meet our world famous copywriting services…


Handpicked Copyrighters

We have 3,000+ copywriters for hire, all of whom have been tested, trained, and approved by our quality assurance team. We trust them with our copy (including this page). You should too.

Dedicated Content Manager

Hiring copywriters can be a hassle, so let us handle it for you. All our clients are assigned a dedicated content manager who will ensure you enjoy a reliable stream of crisp and clean copy.

Simple. Speedy. Smooth.

The tech behind our copywriting services provides our clients with an all-in-one project dashboard with real-time updates, fast turnaround times, and smooth workflows.

Conversion Optimized

With our copywriting services, captivating, conversion-optimized copy comes as standard. Let our master wordsmiths create copy that consistently converts visitors into leads, and leads into clients.

Industry Experience

With over 3,000+ copywriters for hire, we’re confident we have someone who has the real-world expertise required to write engagingly, and authoritatively about any industry, including yours.

Bulk Discounts

We love working with agencies, enterprise clients, and on the largest projects. We offer generous bulk discounts on top of our already highly competitive pricing.

Hiring one of our copywriters is as easy as 1,2,3.

Meet Your Copywriter

Like all good things in life, our copywriting services start with a choice.

Option 1: If you feel you’ve got a reasonably simple project, with a brief that’s clear, and an obvious goal, then you can get started immediately and create an account with us.

With our brief creation technology, you’ll be able to ensure your project is well defined, and that the copywriter you hire has all the information they need to succeed.

When you have placed your order, our A.I (who we’ve called Panel Brain) will then swing into action, and match you with several professional freelance copywriters who have the experience required to complete your project.

Option 2: If you feel like your project is a little more complex, or that it requires additional preparation, planning, and close collaboration, the best way to get started is to contact us.

We’ll put you in touch with a content manager who will learn about your project, its goals, and they’ll manually select and hire copywriters from our talent pool for the job too.

Meet Your Content Manager

We put the managed, in managed copywriting services.

Once your copywriter has claimed the job, your content manager (and our systems) get to work.  They’ll be following up with the writer, and checking they’re meeting their deadlines, if they’re not (which is rare) we’ll find a solution and offer it up to you.

When your copywriter has submitted their work, our work really begins…

Several automated and manual checks will verify that the work is 100% original content and that it meets our (very) high standards. Your content manager will check it meets the specifications in the brief. They’ll also ensure that it has been proofread and that it’s ready to be passed along to you for your feedback.

If your content manager or our editors find potential improvements or small issues, they’ll request amendments to the copy to ensure it’s up to scratch before it reaches you. Either way, the result is the same…

100% original, on spec, high-quality copy, delivered on time and verified, without you having to lift a finger..

Meet your captivating copy

Once your content manager has decided the content is worthy of your approval (which usually happens on the first try) you’ll be notified that the fun part of our copywriting service is about to start.

For many types of content such as blog posts and articles, our content usually needs no revisions at all. They are usually accepted by our clients, with glowing feedback, on the first draft.

Other types of copy on the other hand (sales pages for example) can often require a little collaboration and tweaking with revisions.

Using our intuitive, streamlined revision system, you’ll be able to highlight sections of the content and create inline comments for your writer. Tell them what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like changed.

Your copywriter will then get to work on actioning the changes as a priority (usually within 48 hours at most). The editing process repeats as many times as required to get the content in the goldilocks zone of “just right”.

When you’re captivated by your content we’ll ask you for your feedback. Your content is then delivered to you, in various formats, ready to rock.

Pick a writer, any writer.


Our copywriting services are the result of thousands of hours of testing, training, experience, and hard work. We have entire teams of people dedicated to finding the best and brightest freelance copywriters for hire and adding them to our talent pool.

We’re constantly filling in the ever-narrowing experience gaps in our talent pool to the point where we’re confident we can write conversion-optimized, authoritative, and effective copy of almost any kind, for almost any industry, in either digital or print format.

Our copywriters are master wordsmiths who have devoted their entire careers to the power of the pen. They’ll gently suggest, nudge, and sway your readers into converting, without it feeling pushy, forced, or overly salesy.

They are the cream of the crop. The best of the best. They’re super smart. Constantly charismatic. Generally good looking…

… and writing this sales page that you’re reading right now.

White Papers

White papers are one of the most impactful marketing tools in the modern content marketer’s toolkit. These deep dives into a subject turn into extremely valuable digital assets from the moment they are published. They’re sharable, searchable, authoritative pieces of content, that visitors are usually more than willing to hand over their contact information in exchange for.

They’re almost too good to be true.

The catch of course is that writing a white paper that people actually want to read is hard work.

The whitepaper copywriter you hire needs to have a fundamental understanding of the topic you’re writing about. The detail and depth that white papers go into will make an unsuitable writer’s lack of knowledge on the subject very obvious.

With over 3,000+ whitepaper copywriters for hire in our talent pool, we’re pretty sure we have someone with the real-world experience required to write an authoritative, engaging whitepaper in your industry – that people actually want to read.

Press Releases

Press releases predate the age of the internet by decades, and yet they remain one of the most vital tools for PR & marketing departments across the globe.

The art of writing the perfect press release is something that has to be learned over many years. Anyone can hammer out a factual statement of whatever it is you want the press to know about, but if you want to create an engaging, interesting, and most importantly, notable press release – there’s a fine line to walk.

If the copy includes too much promotion and fluff, it’ll get overlooked on editorial desks as being another self-serving press release that isn’t even worth reading.

If the copy includes not enough “jazz” and is just a boring list of statements, it’s probably not going to get journalists excited as they should be (unless you’re announcing something truly groundbreaking).

Our professional copywriters know how to walk this line. We’ve created hundreds of press releases that have an excellent chance of being read, syndicated, and often turned into stories.

They’ve done it for us, and if you get in touch, they’ll do it for you too.

SEO Content

SEO Copywriting services are what we specialize in here at The Content Panel.

Fun fact: We used to be an SEO agency. We initially created the first version of The Content Panel to manage the freelance SEO copywriters we used to work with in our agency days.

The writers that our copywriting services use are masters at slipping in keywords seamlessly throughout their content. They’ll even research a few longtail and LSI keywords and add them in for extra traffic and relevancy. They’re well versed in search intent and will make sure that your copy addresses the search term the user typed in, instead of blindly following keyword requirements.

We understand that none of the “USPs” in the paragraph above are particularly unique to our copywriting services.

However, what separates the best copywriters from the rest is their ability to create this content without it feeling like it has been stuffed with keywords.

We write for humans, and Google at the same time.

For example, how many of our target keywords can you spot in this heavily overly optimized “SEO Copywriting” tab?

More importantly, how many did you notice the first time around?

Website Copy

Your website’s copy has two main functions. It needs to convey legitimacy, and it also needs to drive conversions.

Easier said than done.

Our website copywriters will help you walk the line between being overly salesy and cheesy, and bland and boring. We’ll get to know your brand, its culture, its voice, and its personality. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that it’s all shown in its best light via your website’s copy.

We’ll form an emotional connection with your readers that speaks their language. It’ll feel like we’re talking to them directly and personally, despite being a public webpage viewed by thousands of people from various walks of life.

By forming this connection, the reader will feel safer – almost like they “kinda sorta know you” a little bit (despite never talking to you before). This feeling of familiarity is what will increase the effectiveness of your conversion-targeted assets like your sales pages, your email newsletters, and your other funnels.

It’s the not-so-secret sauce of copywriting, but we like to think we’re pretty good at it.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are still the kings of the content marketing world. A regularly updated blog humanizes your website and allows visitors to build an emotional connection with your brand. There’s also a wide array of well-known SEO benefits that come from business blogging too.

We have two blog copywriting services available at The Content Panel. Self-serve blog posts and fully managed solutions.

Our self-serve blog copywriting services are a textbook example of how business blogging is supposed to be done – beautifully written posts with our signature crisp, clean, and engaging copy. They’re a genuine pleasure for your visitors to read, and they provide a wealth of keyword-rich text for Google to enjoy too.

Our fully managed solutions however take things one step further.

Our content managers will research and suggest custom topics for your approval each month, they’ll create the briefs, and oversee the entire content creation process from start to finish. For true hands-free blogging, we can also optionally upload the content to your site, provide images, carry out essential on-page SEO, and complete various other tasks too.

It’s business blogging, but better.

Email Copywriting

The humble email is perhaps one of the oldest digital marketing tools in the world. It has stood the test of time, and yet it remains one of the most reliable, effective, and utilized methods of marketing today.

The art of email newsletter copywriting is something that has developed over the years into something closer to science than content writing. Hitting the perfect tone, with the perfect cadence, and just the right amount of pressure can mean the difference between massive ROIs and the spam box.

We have a squad of tried and tested email copywriters for hire who are masters of creating emails that get opened, read, and engaged with.

Hit us up for:

  • Cold outreach emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Drip campaigns
  • Nurturing emails
  • And anything else that belongs in an inbox…

And More...

We’ve only mentioned a few of the many professional copywriting services we provide. In reality, there’s not much we cannot write about thanks to the wealth of experience in our talent pool.

Hit us up for things like:

  • Ebooks
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Direct response copy
  • PR Content
  • Product descriptions
  • And more…

Captivating copy that works as hard as you do.

Professional copywriting services from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Get Started

We test, train, and hire freelance copywriters…

Our business wouldn’t exist without our network of talented and professional copywriters for hire. Their hard work, combined with our great tech, is what makes The Content Panel one of the best copywriting services on the planet.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure we’ve recruited the cream of the crop for our talent pool. From sales page pros, through to white paper wizards, and everything in between.

All of our copywriters undergo our famously tough interviewing, testing, and vetting process before they can write for our clients.

We check their background, portfolios, and references before they move on to tough tests on the nitty-gritty details of grammar and the finer points of plagiarism. Once these are passed, a written examination is undertaken, where we assess their ability to create captivating copy that would convert in the hypothetical test situation we provide them.

After their written test is reviewed by our team, we then put the copywriter on probation and monitor their first jobs very closely. We suggest improvements, check for quality, and just generally make sure everything is as it should be.

As our working relationship develops with our copywriters, we reduce this scrutiny, but we still check in regularly to ensure their work is up to the high standards our clients expect from us.

In a nutshell, our copywriters are the veteran rock stars of the content writing world.

Even if we do say so ourselves…

Want to see what we can do?

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