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Meet the world’s #1

ghostwriting service


  • 3,000+ Professional ghostwriters for hire
  • 100% Original content ghostwritten exclusively for you
  • Hire ghostwriters with experience in your industry


Meet our world famous ghostwriting services…


Expert Ghostwriters for Hire

Hire a ghostwriter from a talent pool of thousands, all of which have been well-vetted by our in-house quality assurance team. They’re tested, trained, and infuse their real-world experience into each content piece.

Content Managers—Always Included

With your ghostwriting services comes a dedicated content manager who collaborates with you and oversees your ghostwriter’s work. Reach out with questions, concerns, and feedback so we can consistently deliver content that exceeds your expectations.

Never-Before-Seen Content

Our ghostwriters for hire pair their existing knowledge with our training and guidance to deliver content that is always 100% original. It’s made to order. You can consider it from scratch, and hot out of the oven!

Love Your Content—Guaranteed

Not loving the content delivered? No problem. Request a rewrite or reject it altogether. There’s no point in paying for something you don’t love. Request edits or another writer and we deliver. Simple as that.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

You’re not into sneaky fees and we aren’t either. We keep our pricing straightforward, always transparent, and always at rates that make each content piece feel like a steal. We’ve found our recipe—and it works.

Stock Up and Save

If you have large projects and hire us for ghostwriting services, you get discounted pricing on top of the best rates. Enjoy savings and a steady stream of ghostwritten content to use whenever and however you like.

Hiring one of our ghostwriters is as easy as 1,2,3.

Say Hello to Your Ghostwriter

We give you options but keep our menu simple. Select between two ghostwriting services options:

Option 1: If you’re looking for something simple and can articulate it using a content brief for your ghostwriter, just create an account, and we can get started right away.

Don’t worry—we make brief creation easy. We help you fully define your needs and expectations, so your ghostwriter has all the ingredients needed to cook up something wonderful.

After brief creation, you can move forward with placing your order. Our A.I. Panel Brain employs matchmaking technology to connect you with a ghostwriter who has the experience and availability to get started on your project.

Option 2: For a project that requires more preparation and has a few extra ingredients that require greater collaboration, you can contact us directly so we can set up a meeting.

When this is the case, we connect you with a dedicated content manager who works with you to gather all those tidbits and extra touches that prepare your ghostwriter for delivering the content you expect.

We want you to come back for seconds. Sometimes that means spending a little more time prepping!

Connect With a Content Manager

Not all ghostwriting agencies employ a dedicated content manager. But we do. Although matchmaking is half the battle, ensuring you have open communication with an in-house team member is crucial.

Your content manager takes care of following up with your ghostwriter, clarifying any requests, and offering solutions when you need extra support.

Once your ghostwriter has taken care of your order, they submit it to us for quality assurance. Picture us like food critics, delicately sampling with figurative forks to confirm every aspect of the content is just what you ordered.

Not only do we employ manual checks, but we also rely on several automated processes to proofread and confirm originality. When needed, we request edits to your order—whether it’s to improve the quality or to ensure an ingredient you specified is mixed in.

What you can count on is pristine, ghostwritten content that reaches you only after it’s been thoroughly refined. Your deadline is met, your ghostwritten content reflects your specifications, and you walk away satisfied.

Content managers set our ghostwriting services apart. We won’t ever serve you a content piece you didn’t order. Instead, you get the kind of content worthy of a chef’s kiss.

Revel In Your Content Creation

After your content manager has confirmed your order is just what you requested, they deliver it hot and fresh to your inbox. Here’s where you get a chance to sample it. Does it have the right mix of all ingredients?

You’ve read words that seep into your soul, warm your heart, and make you feel understood. Great, ghostwritten content is much like comfort food. For most of the content written by our ghostwriters, revisions simply aren’t required.

However, if you need a dash of this or a sprinkle of that to make your order feel more like what you envisioned, just let us know. We move into a collaborative process with you and the ghostwriter to tweak your order to perfection.

With our streamlined revision system, it’s like taking a highlighter to the recipe to let your ghostwriter know exactly what needs to be adjusted. Add inline comments to let your ghostwriter know precisely what you prefer.

Feel free to use this feature to compliment your writer on what you love too! A little feedback goes a long way. Your ghostwriter takes your notes, makes the revisions, and delivers your edited content within 48 hours.

Pick a writer, any writer.


You have an audience you’ve lured in with the aroma of your blog post appetizer and now they’re interested in what you’re cooking. Time to offer them a full six-course meal with an eBook!

When you hire a ghostwriter, you’re implementing their work (with your name on it) into your overall content strategy. eBooks allow you to thoroughly establish credibility in your industry. They offer a deeper dive (a more flavorful experience, if you will) than what an article or blog post could possibly encapsulate.

eBooks require a one-time cost, but they keep delivering over the life of your business. Use them as an incentive for signing up with you or self-publish them for purchase. The point is you have a single piece of content that is yours to use as you desire—for as long as you wish.

These detailed, long-form pieces of content are not for just any ghostwriter. You need ghostwriting services that know how to hand-pick the perfect counterpart for your eBook.

We have personally tested and trained thousands of writers—and we’ve categorized our writers based on their previous experience. Just ask and we deliver.


Our ghostwriters for hire handle copywriting too. Some ghostwriting agencies stick with one type of content, but we prefer to present a buffet of offerings. Take a gander, select what appeals to you most, and enjoy the copy you’ve been craving.

We employ entire teams whose primary job is to find the best freelance ghostwriters for hire who know exactly how to wield their talent with words like an expert chef knife that cuts and trims content to create digital pieces of art.

With these digital masterpieces crafted specifically for you, you refine your company’s message, connect powerfully with your audience, and showcase your brand personality to attract the types of clients who understand who you are and are excited to work with you.

The original copy created by your ghostwriter helps you stand out from the rest in your industry. Yes, the message may be similar, but the experience can’t compare. With the expert touch of a ghostwriter, you can be the irresistible, captivating macaron in a sea of basic sugar cookies.


When you hire a ghostwriter through us, you gain the visibility needed to blaze a trail online. With articles, you not only share all those delectable morsels of knowledge you’ve acquired, but you also gain some traction when it comes to positioning on search engine pages.

Articles, due to their length, allow you to make use of keywords. Keywords are like salt in a dish—when it’s just the right amount, the dish is balanced. However, when the dish is oversalted, it’s not even edible.

Content too rich with keywords is the online equivalent of that oversalted dish. But with articles, keywords can be dispersed throughout evenly, enriching your content just enough without overdoing it. The visibility combined with the value you offer increases traffic and consequently conversions.

Part of what boosts your SEO is link sharing. Use your articles to link back to pages on your website and provide enough value that encourages others to link to your articles as well. When you try a to-die-for dish at a new restaurant, you automatically tell your friends about it. Well-written articles are dishes worth sharing.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are by far the most popular content types for businesses in every industry. Ghostwriters for hire can take different topics and expand on them just enough to create interest. These are typically short pieces of content that serve as an appetizer to entice your audience.

People are impatient and won’t always have the time or make the time to indulge in all the content on your website. Blogs tackle specific topics with straight-to-the-point answers. Think of it this way: when it’s happy hour and you’ve arrived at the restaurant, you go straight for the drinks menu.

Blogs grant your audience the access they need without them having to sift through all your other offerings. You become the authority, which positions you to become the solution as well.

Since blogs get right to the heart of the matter, you can also repurpose them for your other marketing strategies. For instance, you can share your blog posts throughout your social media, take excerpts and create illustrations, and keep them alive even years after the original posting date.


The beauty of ghostwriting services is how versatile they are. Any piece of content you can imagine can be handled by our ghostwriters for hire—even fiction! Everyone has a story to tell. But not everyone can create a work of art with words.

Whether you’re interested in polishing up your manuscript or finally getting your genius ideas expressed with creative flair, ghostwriters can help solidify your vision.

Work with a content manager and your ghostwriter to clarify your concept and keep the collaboration going as your work of fiction takes form and comes to life.

Just pick your preferred genre, share your ideas, and your ghostwriter takes it from there. When preparing anything made for consumption, it’s critical that all essential elements are well-prepared for smoothness and consistency.

Rather than having to do it all yourself, you can lean on the expertise of a ghostwriter who’s been cooking up these types of creations for years. Some things are better left to the pros!

White Papers

When you hire a ghostwriter for white papers, it can go one of two ways. Either you get the authoritative content piece that elevates your marketing, or you get a piece of content that obviously illustrates the writer’s lack of knowledge.

The second scenario is embarrassing for your digital image. It’s also unnecessary. White papers require that a ghostwriter be well-versed enough in the subject matter to explore its complexities and explain them with finesse.

These marketing tools are incredibly valuable—they’re shareable, searchable, and deliver levels upon levels of value. You wouldn’t let a newbie design, build, or bake a wedding cake. You’d hire a professional bakery for a multi-level masterpiece. Similarly, white papers are for ghostwriters who know what they’re doing.

From our talent pool of over 3,000 ghostwriters, we can connect you with someone who has the industry experience to create an engaging, well-rounded, easy-to-understand white paper that your audience is more than willing to trade their email for.

Hand over the project (and the headaches that would have come with it) to someone who has a fundamental understanding of the topic you want to explore.

Website Content

Hire a ghostwriter to make your website accomplish two main objectives: 1) solidify your business presence and 2) convert traffic for sales. These concepts are basic but without the right words displayed on your website, you accomplish neither.

Ghostwriting agencies exist because people just like you need to legitimize their business with a website that pops. Your website is your online storefront—what do you have on the display shelves? Are people walking by and ignoring your site? Or are they so intrigued they just have to step in and have a taste?

A ghostwriter helps you develop your voice and define your brand personality. When these elements are cohesive, it’s easy to spot you a mile away. In a world where 30-second clips drive attention, becoming memorable is a challenging pursuit.

Ultimately, it’s the familiarity that cements your relationship with your customer base. There is a reason why diners create long-term customers. They stay true to themselves and create a cozy vibe that’s always welcoming, no matter if it’s day or night.

And More...

We’ve only mentioned a few of the many professional copywriting services we provide. In reality, there’s not much we cannot write about thanks to the wealth of experience in our talent pool.

Hit us up for things like:

  • Ebooks
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Direct response copy
  • PR Content
  • Product descriptions
  • And more…

Captivating copy that works as hard as you do.

Awesome articles from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Get Started

We test, train, and hire freelance ghostwriters…

We wouldn’t be thriving without the ever-evolving talent of our ghostwriters for hire. We value their expertise, and their time, and combine it with our innovative tech to deliver an unmatched service. We take our time testing writers who apply to work with us, ensuring they have what it takes to handle everything from blog posts to white papers.

It’s not easy vetting thousands of writers. But this is our bread and butter. When they need training, we lend a hand. When they need clarification, we’re there to help. All so you have a team that works to deliver high-quality content that makes you feel… well, content.

Each time a writer reaches out to work with us, we take a deep dive into their background, review their portfolios, and check their references before we move on to the testing phase. Refined writing requires several checks to be in place, including automated and manual reviews of spelling, grammar, and originality.

We wouldn’t connect you with a writer we wouldn’t hire ourselves. That’s why we’re so meticulous about the vetting process. Only after the initial background checking phase is complete do we move into the testing process, during which the ghostwriter demonstrates their wordsmithery.

Once they’ve onboarded with us, we keep a close eye on their first projects. Slowly but surely, they move up in our ranks and we offer up more complex pieces. Quality assurance is vital to our success—and yours. We stay the course with our writers so you can enjoy some of the best talent on the planet.

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