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Product descriptions that you’ll be

proud to publish


  • Product description writing services from $3.40
  • 100% original, conversion optimized content
  • Hire e-commerce writers with industry experience


Meet our world class product description writing services…


Trust us. We know SEO.

Before we made The Content Panel, our team was a successful SEO agency. We’ll professionally optimize your product descriptions to ensure you get as much organic traffic as possible.

Quality Guarantee

It’s obvious when a writer doesn’t know what they’re writing about. Let our A.I match you with a professional article writer who has real-world experience in your industry.

Bulk Discounts

Our highly affordable product description writing services start from just $3.20 / 100 words. However, make sure you ask us about our bulk discounts for larger orders. We love to do a deal.

Conversion Optimized

Our conversion optimized product descriptions will showcase your goods or services in their best light. We’ll use clear and concise CTA’s, alongside power and action words to boost sales.

Managed Services

We’re a fully managed product description writing service. Let our content managers handle the hassle of working with writers – so you can focus on the fun and creative stuff.

Real-World Experience

With over 3,000 product description writers for hire in our talent pool, we’ve probably got someone who understands your products, the benefits they provide, and the issues they solve.

Buying our product descriptions is as easy as 1,2,3.

Meet your new writing team

After you place your order, our A.I (called Panel Brain) gets to work. We have over 3,000 product description writers available for hire, and our A.I’s only job is to match you with one (or more) of them.

With your first order Panel Brain will work on the information you provide in our order form, taking into account things like the industry, writing style, tone, and the content of your brief.

He’ll then rank all of our writers in terms of suitability based on these factors. One by one these writers will be offered your job until someone likes the look of the project and claims it. These first matches are already awesome, but over time, Panel Brain learns from your feedback. He uses this to suggest new writers for your next jobs, as well as automatically offering your future jobs to previous writers you loved too.

We’re essentially building you a product description writing dream team behind the scenes – without you even realizing it. It’s hands-free e-commerce at its finest.

Much more than just a matchmaker

We’re a managed product description writing service, but what does that mean?

Traditionally you’ve got to hire, fire, test, train, explain, track, review, edit, accept, invoice, and finally pay writers for each and every product in your store. As you probably already know, this can quickly become a full-time job, especially when you’re writing hundreds of product descriptions, and using several different writers.

However, with us, things are different. We’ll assign you a dedicated content manager who’ll be your point of contact with us. But unless you need to ask them a question, you will probably never even know that they exist, however behind the scenes they will:

  • Ensure your writers meet all of their deadlines.
  • Check for plagiarism & quality
  • Verify that your brief has been followed
  • Handle all the other little bureaucracies of working with writers

Your perfect product description

When your content manager has finished their checks, it’s time for the fun part – reviewing your content.

You can preview your product description in your dashboard. If there are a few potential things that you feel could be improved, then you can let your writer know using our inline commenting tool. Simply highlight the sections in question, leave feedback, and hit submit. Your writer will be informed and your new version will be delivered promptly for approval (or for more edits if required).

In really rare situations, there’s just not a good fit between a writer and a brand. When this happens, let us know, and we will get a new writer, to write a new product description for you, free of charge. Your content manager will oversee the logistics of this for you and action it as a priority.

When you’re 100% happy with your content, hit accept, provide feedback, and your perfect product description will be delivered in a ready to publish .docx format. Simply rinse and repeat with your other products.

Product descriptions, done properly.

Purebred SEO Pedigree

Trust us. We Know SEO.

Before we created The Content Panel, we used to be an SEO agency. We initially created TCP to streamline the ever-growing network of freelance writers we needed to handle our clients’ content requirements.

We quickly realized the potential of the platform we had created. We pivoted to developing The Content Panel further, leaving the SEO agency world behind and focusing on this full time.

In our agency days, we competed (and succeeded) in ranking in some of the most competitive search niches in the world. Our content has not only survived Google’s various updates over the years, it has thrived in it.

Writing optimized product descriptions is one of the trickier forms of SEO. For example, seamlessly slipping traditional and long-tail keywords into short product descriptions without it feeling forced is easier said than done. However, while it’s tough, it’s far from impossible.

Our content managers have been with us since our agency days. Our stringent testing and vetting process allows them to hire product description writers that already know how to optimize to a very high level. We combine their raw talent with a little of our “secret sauce” via feedback where required – and the results speak for themselves.

Trust us. We know SEO. And our writers do too.

Experienced Writers

Experience our experienced writers

It’s tough to overstate the benefits of working with a product description writer that understands the sector that your product is in.

Any professional writer can type up a feature list into flowery language and produce a “good enough” product description.

But why stop there?

By hiring a product description writer that understands your industry, conversion rates can be improved dramatically.

Your writer will know the problems that your product solves, allowing them to create an emotional connection with the reader. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll be familiar with the real-world benefits of your product’s USPs, allowing them to be “sold” to the reader more genuinely and effectively.

With this industry knowledge, your writer will be also able to speak to your audience on their level, tailoring the language, tone, and pressure of the copy to them perfectly

They’ll gently nudge your visitors towards the “add to cart” button while making it feel like the most natural, and obvious thing in the world to do.  Kind of like we’re trying to do with you right now…

Create an account. You know you want to.

Conversion Optimized

Captivating content that converts

Getting organic traffic to your store via SEO is half the battle, but if your visitors usually leave without becoming customers, then you’re doing something wrong.

The product descriptions we write are optimized for Google, but they’re also optimized for conversions at the same time. It’s admittedly a tricky tightrope to walk, as the two styles of writing aren’t always compatible, but our writers manage to do it.

We will carefully craft benefit-driven product descriptions that naturally remind your visitors of the issues they are facing – and more importantly, how your product solves them.

They’ll use power words seamlessly to form emotional connections with your visitors to talk to them on their level.

They’ll use action words to entice them towards checking out without it feeling forced, fake, or pressured. And they’ll custom craft beautifully worded CTAs that are almost irresistible to refuse.

We know that these claims sound like a lot of meaningless marketing buzzwords.

But trust us.

Our content converts.

Always On Brand

On brand e-commerce content

From the average consumer’s point of view, product descriptions are “supposed” to be written in house. No one knows your products, and your industry better than you. You’re the experts after all.

However, in the real world, this kind of work is outsourced to product description writing services like ours.

Where multiple writers will create content for hundreds, or even thousands of products on your site. However, this can sometimes make the content feel disjointed with different writing styles from different writers.

By working with a central service like ours, you can avoid this issue. All of our writers are instructed to review the tone of writing and style of your store’s existing content before starting work on your product descriptions. They’ll also work with any style guides you may have for us (this is optional).

Regardless of how many writers you need from us, all of your product descriptions will have a consistent tone of voice.

No one will know they weren’t written by your in house team.

(Except us)

Product descriptions that work as hard as you do.

Awesome articles from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Get Started

Meet our perfect product description writers.

With over 3,000 product description writers for hire, we’re sure to have someone who can write captivating content that converts about almost any industry – including yours. We’re constantly hiring new writers from a wide range of professional backgrounds – from truck drivers to teachers and everything in between.

The vast majority of people who apply to write for us, are rejected. To keep our quality consistently high, we have one of the longest and most comprehensive application processes in the industry.

Each writer will have to go through 9 individual tests before they are accepted. We’re checking everything from their grammar skills and their understanding of plagiarism to their portfolios and their references.

After the initial application process, we ask applicants who have passed our initial checks to complete a writing test. Our editors are eagle-eyed and are looking for perfect punctuation, great grammar, and generally wonderful wordsmithery.

The handful of writers that pass are then put on a probationary period where we review all of their work manually. After a certain amount of time (that we keep secret) this probation ends – but we still periodically conduct quality checks on them from time to time.

This strict process is part of the reason that our content is consistently rated as being some of the best in the business. We do this for every single writer on our platform, so you don’t have to.

Want to see what we can do?

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